Does alcohol make your face red?

You can now completely cure this embarrassing problem with an empirically tested treatment program and enjoy the full, fun and exciting social life you deserve.

  • Drink alcohol without a red face
  • Reduce other alcohol related discomfort
  • 100% money back guarantee

Experts in alcohol flushing

When BBC needs to know about alcohol flushing, they come to us.  Our expertise in the field has been sought after by the likes of BBC Asian Network to provide guidance on upcoming news programs about the little talked about syndrome.  With numerous decades of research and testing behind us, we are delighted to finally offer an amazing product to red faced drinkers around the world.

A cure that works...

Whether you're Asian or not, the No Red Face Formula will eliminate your red face from alcohol each and every time without fail - this is our promise to you.

  • Completely prevent alcohol related facial redness
  • Eliminate harmful acetaldehyde from alcohol
  • Prevent alcohol related nausea and migraine
  • Stop facial throbbing and swelling
  • Prevent restricted breathing from alcohol
  • Make alcohol consumption pleasurable

Don't accept second best..

  • Not a Pill or Liquid Shot

    The No Red Face Formula is not an expensive pill you need to keep buying on an ongoing basis.  It is a tried and tested treatment program, once purchased you will own it forever.

  • Simple and Easy Formula

    The No Red Face Formula requires no more than 5 minutes of your time before you start drinking alcohol – once you have started you can continue for the entire night without experiencing a red face from alcohol.

  • Safe Purchase

    There is no risk in trying the No Red Face Formula.  All purchases are backed by a no questions asked refund policy that is completely automated by a third party payment processor.

  • World Class Support

    Our team are here to answer any questions you may have, including inside knowledge about particular types of alcohol to avoid, eating habits and everything and anything to do with alcohol related facial redness.

Thousands of satisfied customers, and counting...

I usually get a bright red face and a terrible headache whenever I drink alcohol.  Since trying your formula I can now drink a lot more than usual and the facial redness and headaches have been completely cured...

Thomas Chang
New York, USA

A friend of mine got me on to your formula after a miserable night out drinking.  I am now so happy that I gave it a try.  For the first time in my life I can drink alcohol in public without feeling embarrassed, thank you for your product.

Jana Nikolic
Detroit, USA

Note: individual results can always vary.  This is why we want people to try our product with peace of mind.

I used to get nausea and flushing from alcohol. I hated that I couldn't have fun with all my other friends. I tried your formula because of the money back guarantee and luckily for me it worked perfectly!

Anna Kopp
Vancouver, Canada

I was initially doubtful that this would work. My symptoms were a red face and difficulties breathing whenever I drank alcohol.  Surprisingly this worked and now I drink without worrying at all about these symptoms...

Sarah Lee
Boston, USA

Try with peace of mind...

We want the No Red Face Formula to help as many people as possible.  This is why we've taken all the risk out of trying the treatment program.  So now you can try the formula without any risk for 60 days and claim a hassle free refund if you're not satisfied.  We've done this to enable as many people as possible to try the treatment program, because we know it works.

What are you waiting for?

If you were given a risk free chance to drink alcohol like a normal person, would you take it?  Because, in essence, this is what you are being presented with right now.

Upon trying the treatment you will happily realize that you can drink alcohol without a red face just like everyone else.  If not, you get your money back and lose absolutely nothing in being pro-active and trying something new.

It is, in fact, a no lose situation.  So, don't wait for tomorrow when you can do something about your embarrassing problem today.  Try the No Red Face Formula risk free right now and begin living the free, fun and exciting social life you deserve.

  • No Red Face Formula™

    The world famous step-by-step treatment program to eliminate alcohol induced facial redness and other related symptoms.

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    Whatever time of day or night, your questions and queries relating to the No Red Face Formula will be handled by the best in the business.

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    Take advantage of our automated refund policy and try the formula now for 60 days completely risk free.

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