Why Do I Get a Red Face When I Drink Alcohol?

Many people experience a red facial flushing whenever they drink alcohol.  This is actually quite common and occurs in varying severity across many different races around the world.  The official name given to this disorder is alcohol flush reaction, however due to its prevalence amongst Asian drinkers, it has received the more colloquial name Asian flush.

The purpose of this article is to explain precisely why you experience this red face when you drink alcohol.  In order to do this it is first necessary to talk about how alcohol is processed by our bodies.

It all starts with alcohol metabolism

Just like when we eat food or consume anything, when we drink alcohol our bodies undergo a process to metabolize it.  As a part of this process, an extremely toxic by-product is released called acetaldehyde.  In normal alcohol drinkers who do not suffer from alcohol flush reaction, this toxic by-product is broken down into a harmless non-toxic substance by an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.

Unfortunately, alcohol flush sufferers are born with a genetic mutation that causes a deficiency in the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme, thus preventing it from being able to adequately convert to toxic acetaldehyde into a harmless non-toxic substance.  In turn, this acetaldehyde builds up in the body and causes various reactions like a red swollen face, neck, body, etc.

Here is a short video describing the process:

Want that in more simple terms?

Your face goes red when you drink alcohol because of a problem you’re born with. This problem makes it harder for your body to process alcohol properly. Because of this, when you drink alcohol your body is failing to break down some of the more toxic chemicals in the alcohol and as a result these toxic chemicals are making their way into your system and causing all kinds of bad reactions like a red face, headache, difficulty breathing, etc.

Is the red face the result of an allergy?

Usually when we see symptoms like a red rash, headaches, difficulty breathing and nausea, we usually think it has something to do with an allergic reaction.  Allergies are, however, when our immune systems react adversely to substances that are normally harmless.

As discussed above, in the case of alcohol flushing, our bodies are reacting to a substance called acetaldehyde which is by its very nature toxic.  The only reason everyone doesn’t react to this substance whenever they drink alcohol is because most people have the requisite enzyme that the body uses to break it down into a harmless non-toxic substance.   Therefore, rather than being a allergic reaction to an otherwise harmless substance, alcohol flushing is more accurately characterized as a reaction to a harmfully toxic substance that our bodies are failing to break down because of a genetic enzyme deficiency.

How harmful is it?

Earlier in this article we spoke about this harmfully toxic substance being called acetaldehyde.  There has been a lot of research conducted on this substance and the results are quite alarming to say the least.

It is not our intention to alarm readers, but it is necessary to state the facts as they are.  To date, the US department of health along with various international cancer research bodies have highlighted acetaldehyde as being a highly carcinogenic substance that can lead to a significantly higher chance of developing particular cancers, especially in the esophagus and throat area.

Warning signal for cancer

Generally when our bodies react negatively to something it creates an aversion that prevents us from continuing to do it. Looked at from this perspective, you might be experiencing a red face when you drink alcohol as some kind of warning sign that you are doing something that could be potentially very harmful in the long run.

To the extent that the aforementioned research holds true, people who suffer from alcohol flush reaction may in fact be at a much higher risk of developing certain cancers if they continue to put acetaldehyde into their bodies by consuming alcohol.  If you are experiencing a red face, nausea, headaches, difficulty breathing, or any other unpleasant symptom, then perhaps it is your body telling you to stop drinking alcohol.

Should I stop drinking alcohol?

The short answer is yes, you should probably stop drinking alcohol.  This is what your body is telling you to do and it is what the balance of scientific research is indicating you should do too.

That said, we are not medical practitioners nor do we have any qualifications that would permit us to be making any recommendations to people about how to go about avoiding putting themselves at a heightened risk of certain cancers.  You should read our views as an informative wake up call and then seek proper medical advice from your medical practitioner.

When speaking to your medical practitioner, you should mention that you have alcohol flush reaction and that you lack the necessary enzymes to break down acetaldehyde like every one else.  If your practitioner is not familiar with this genetic condition we suggest finding one that is.  Otherwise you will receive advice tailored for normal alcohol drinkers who have the capacity to break down acetaldehyde.  This may not only prove unhelpful for you, but also potentially dangerous in the long run when you consider the cancer risks mentioned above.

What if I want to continue drinking?

We’ve established that your red face from drinking alcohol can be likened to a warning sign of sorts.  Its your body telling you not to drink and rightfully so when you consider the scientific research about the looming cancer risks for alcohol flush sufferers.

That said, completely eliminating alcohol from one’s life can be easier said than done.  Whether it be a social or professional context, there is usually a strong emphasis on drinking alcohol with others.  Beyond the its obvious inebriating effect, alcohol is also an important means of bonding and an avenue to meeting new people.  As a result, some people might see stopping alcohol altogether as also stopping all the positive aspects that come with it.

If you know why your face goes red when you drink and are fully aware of the dangers associated with the condition, yet you want to continue to drink alcohol for whatever reason, then it is very important that you approach it in a way that reduces the risk of doing long term damage to yourself.  If you are interested, please read on about 3 ways you can drink without a red face.

3 Ways to Drink Alcohol Without a Red Face

Going red in the face after drinking alcohol is a common condition affecting nearly 40% of Asians and a large number of non-Asians worldwide.  Understandably, many people dislike having to endure a red flushed complexion when out drinking in public, yet don’t seem to realize that there are many things they can do to drink alcohol without a red face.

This article will look a 3 different things you can do to reduce your red face from alcohol.  You may wish to experiment with one or more of these suggestions to see what works best for you.  However, for your safety and ours, it is necessary to understand that this is not medical advice.  Please consult with your medical practitioner before trying anything.

1. Join our Inner Circle

girl leading boy through city streetHow self centered of us to make mention of our own free guide first!  Surely we could have sneaked it in at #2 or #3, but instead we’ve decided to put it right up the top at #1.  The reason is because, as a starting point, we can’t think of a better thing to recommend.

When you’re dealing with herbal supplements, you can be sure to find plenty of people selling fake remedies with big promises. We systematically tried all of the alcohol flush remedies on the market and provided our honest feedback about which ones worked and which didn’t.

Our intention behind creating the free guide was to break through the glitz and glamor of the fancy website’s and product offering to bring you the cold hard facts about the remedies currently available.

In addition to the reviews, we have also experimented extensively with trying various products at the same time to see if we could find a combination of products that worked well together.  In doing so, we identified 2 products that when used together allowed us to drink without a red face better than anything else we’ve seen.

Are you interested in downloading the free guide?  Click here to find out more.

2. Antacids (Pepcid AC and Zantac)

collection of medications like pepcid and zantacThere is a proliferating view amongst alcohol flush sufferers that taking antacids such as Pepcid and Zantac can help one drink alcohol without experiencing a red face.  Before we talk about the merits of this claim, it is necessary to realize that these antacids are pharmaceutical products.  Whilst the packaging doesn’t mention anything about mixing these substances with alcohol, it is highly recommended that you consult with your medical practitioner before giving this option a try.

It is also very important to be aware of the warning from the US Department of Health and Human Services that alcohol flush sufferers are at a significantly greater risk of developing alcohol related cancers.  The root cause of this risk is because alcohol flush sufferers don’t have the enzyme necessary to breakdown a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde that is released when our body tried to metabolize alcohol.  Therefore, there may be significant dangers in simply masking a red face from alcohol without having regard to the acetaldehyde build up that is the cause of the cancer risk.

Would you like to learn more about these dangers? If so, please read more about the health risks associated with Asian flush.

3. Herbal Supplements

picture of herbal tablets and capsulesThere has been a recent emergence of herbal remedies aimed at alleviating an alcohol induced red face.  They all have very attractive websites and product offerings, but are all comprised of different ingredients.  It seems logical that if there were one combination of herbs that reliably worked to reduce facial flushing we’d see it appear in all of the supplements being offered.

Unfortunately this is not the case, rather we have a wide choice of alcohol flush supplements all containing different ingredients and making the same big promises of preventing our red faces when we drink alcohol.

The reality of the matter is that when you have an embarrassing and seemingly incurable condition like alcohol flush reaction, you eventually get opportunistic internet marketers offering ‘snake oil’ remedies that promise to cure your problem.

By ‘snake oil’ remedy we mean a whole bunch of ‘whatever’ packaged together nicely in order to appear like a genuine product.  In reality the product was probably never intended to work as it claimed, yet the seller will be more than happy to take your money and hope that you don’t claim a refund.

With all that said, there are actually some herbal supplements being offered for alcohol flushing that do work as they claim.  We have personally tried them all and have prepared a free guide telling people what worked and what didn’t.  If you’re interested in downloading this free guide all you need to do is join our Inner Circle.

Overview of Asian Flush Cures

It wasn’t long ago that there was simply nothing on the internet aimed at helping us deal with our Asian flush reaction.  These days, a simple search on Google will yield a plethora of results ranging from home remedies to over the counter herbal supplements.

In the interests of helping our fellow alcohol flushers, we have decided to write a little bit about the various avenues available for people wanting to remedy their problem.

Before we go on, it is necessary to disclose that we too offer a solution in the way of a step-by-step treatment program. That said, we realise that this may not be the desired solution for everyone and thus, in the interests of impartiality, have decided to talk about the various other methods available and provide our unbiased opinions on each.

Pharmaceutical Treatments

The investigation and development of alcohol flushing treatment has to date, for whatever reason, somehow slipped under the radar of the larger pharmaceutical companies.  There is, however, one medication in the pipeline that looks like a promising cure.


logo of raptor pharmaceuticalsWe have been in contact with one NASDAQ listed biopharmaceutical startup by the name of Raptor Pharmaceuticals (RPTP) who are currently in the process of developing a product called Convivia.

Convivia is aimed at treating the symptoms of alcohol intolerance associated with ALDH2 deficiency. It claims to do so via an oral formulation of 4-methylpyrazole, which has been previously approved for sale in the US and EU for other purposes.

According to Raptor Pharmaceuticals, Convivia has completed Phase 2 clinical trials and will be developed in Taiwan under an exclusive agreement with Taiwanese pharmaceutical company Uni Pharma Co.

Out thoughts: Convivia is said to address Asian flush symptoms via the reduction of acetaldehyde. In this regard, it is not too dissimilar from other non-pharmaceutical mineral supplements that we will go on to talk about below. Without any clear data regarding their testing, we will simply have to wait and see if it is in fact more effective than the alternatives that are already on the market. It is also relevant to note that Raptor Pharmaceuticals is a NASDAQ listed company with many other products in the development pipeline. With the constant need to raise capital, pay high director salaries and diversify their product risk exposure, we would not be surprised to see the release of this highly anticipated treatment pushed back even more than it has been to date.


One bottle and one box of antacidsThere is a lot of anecdotal evidence on the internet about people using Antacids such a Pepcid AC and Zantac to counteract the symptoms of their Asian flush.

This class of pharmaceutical is commonly referred to as a type-2 histamine blocker, the primary purpose of which is to reduce acid secretion in the stomach.

Whilst there is very little direct scientific evidence of the efficacy of such methods in reducing Asian flush symptoms, the plethora of anecdotal evidence clearly points to some kind of positive correlation.

What we know is that the consumption of alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach and causes an increase in gastric acid production. It has been supposed that the consumption of antacids has the effect of inhibiting alcohol dehydrogenase, thus slowing down the metabolism of alcohol. It follows that by slowing down the metabolism of alcohol you are also slowing the rate at which your body is required to process acetaldehyde, which is the toxic by-product of this metabolic process.

What this means in plain language is that by taking these type-2 histamine blockers, you may get drunk a lot faster, but you may also slow down the rate at which your body is bombarded with the predominant catalyst for Asian flush – i.e. acetaldehyde.

Our thoughts: From personal experience and the large amount of anecdotal evidence, we can say that certain antacids have a positive effect in reducing the symptoms of alcohol flushing. However, the exact way it does so is still slightly unclear. To the extent that it merely masks the symptoms of acetaldehyde build up or slows down the exposure to this toxic substance, it poses possible health dangers in light of mounting evidence of acetaldehyde’s carcinogenic properties. For more information about this you can read our article on the Hidden Dangers of Treating Asian Flush.

Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments

In the absence of fully developed pharmaceutical treatments, we have seen a recent emergence of various mineral and herbal alternatives claiming to achieve a similar outcome.

Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

To our knowledge there are currently 3 different supplement manufacturers offering products that claim to reduce alcohol related acetaldehyde: Acetium, Alcotox and NoGlo.

clear gel capsules on glass tableThe ingredients of these supplements are all quite similar from product to product, essentially containing a cocktail of anti-oxidants aimed at reducing the carcinogenic effect of acetaldehyde on the body.

An important thing to note about these supplements is that they all contain an amino acid called NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine). This is the key ingredient in these formulations due to its ability to bind to and neutralize acetaldehyde, the supposed culprit behind Asian flushing and associated cancer risks.

Our thoughts: The operation of these supplements in reducing levels of acetaldehyde is highly beneficial in protecting our bodies against the toxin’s carcinogenic effects. That said, according to a lot of anecdotal evidence, the key ingredients these supplements employ don’t seem to have a marked effect in reducing red facial flushing.  In our opinion, these supplements have their place in protecting our bodies against the cancer risks of drinking alcohol, rather than effectively treating an alcohol related red face.

Herbal Supplements

There are very few credible herbal supplements aimed at preventing Asian flush other than AF Formula from Goldwin Health.

plant remedies in glass tubesWhen examining the ingredients used in their formulation it becomes apparent that there is an emphasis on herbs commonly used for reducing anxiety. As we know, one of the accompanying symptoms of Asian flush is an increased heart rate and a general social anxiety associated with experiencing symptoms in public. It is foreseeable that the ingredients of AF Formula will work in reducing this anxiety and in turn may be seen as an effective treatment for some of the reported symptoms of Asian flush.

Our thoughts: Whilst the calming effect of AF Formula’s ingredients may work to put you at ease while drinking in public, it is unclear whether their formula addresses the issue of acetaldehyde build up. As mentioned earlier in this article, the mere masking of symptoms may provide for a more pleasant drinking experience, but it is also important to be aware of the carcinogenic effects of acetaldehyde and what this means for your overall health and well being.

Last But Not Least

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, we too provide a solution for Asian flush that aims to reduce red facial flushing and combat the carcinogenic build up of acetaldehyde.  In our experience, we’ve found that an effective treatment involves more than merely popping a pill before drinking.   This is why we’ve developed a treatment program that involves various pre-drink procedures and an easy to follow supplement regime.

Round seal with ribbonTo date we’ve been flattered by the positive responses received from our 3,000 or so satisfied customers.  Please don’t hesitate to check out our Asian flush treatment program.

We hope that you found our article informative and encourage you to share it with your friends so they too can become more informed about this important health issue.



Is Asian Flush Unattractive?

In the words of early millennia pop sensation Pharrell Williams, “We’re up all night to the sun, we’re up all night to get some, we’re up all night for good fun, we’re up all night to get lucky”. Correct me if i’m wrong, but he’s hit the nail on the head. Its no secret that we usually go out drinking in the hope of meeting someone who we click with.

With the plethora of unpleasant symptoms that Asian flush sufferers have to deal with, it is no wonder some of us are often self-conscious about appearing unattractive in the eyes of others when “we’re up all night to get lucky”.

Here in lies the tradeoff between being ostracised for being the only person in the room not drinking alcohol or being the only person in the room with a pulsating red face – two alternatives that are both unlikely to aid you in your quest to fulfil Pharrell’s cheekily accurate supposition of your intentions for the night.

In light of this daunting tradeoff, we thought it was necessary to find out what people really thought about our red faces. To do this we surveyed 30 people at a popular nightclub in downtown New York to see what they had to say.

Our Survey

In the midst of this rumbling club, we singled out 15 guys and 15 girls and asked them a simple question: “Do you think its unattractive when an Asian gets a red face from drinking alcohol?”. The results will probably surprise you as much as they surprised us.

10 out of the 15 men participating in the survey commented that they actually liked when Asian girls blushed red when they drank alcohol. The general comment we received was that they thought it was cute and that girls usually use red blush as makeup anyway.

When we spoke to the girls we were even more surprised. 12 out of the 15 girls we spoke to said they thought the Asian flush was cute and made guys a lot more approachable.

Flush with Confidence

The results of our survey were surprising to say the least. We all know that confidence is what makes us appear attractive in the eyes of others. Could it be that our unfounded embarrassment is the only thing working against us? According to the results of our little survey, this could very well be the case.

If you are embarrassed about your Asian flush, don’t be. The majority of people we spoke to actually find it an attractive physical characteristic. Listen to the bulk of opinion and wear your red face with confidence, you never know, you might surprise yourself.

If you know someone with Asian flush please share this article with them.

Asian Flush Cancer Risk

There has been a recent surge of articles in the media about sufferers of alcohol flush reaction being at an alarmingly high risk of certain alcohol related cancers. With nearly everything falling into the category of a ‘cancer risk’ these days, we thought it would be useful to examine all the of the research on the matter and present a clear and concise summary of our findings.

Physical Warning Signs

Our physical bodies are the result of countless generations of evolution. Whenever we experience an unpleasant reaction to anything, it is usually our bodies telling us that we shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that we are doing. For example, if you ingest peanuts and experience a rash, swollen face and difficulty breathing, then you’re not going to eat peanuts again, right? This is our bodies telling us to stay away from peanuts.

Similarly, whilst alcohol flush is not quite the same as a peanut allergy, the reaction is still similarly unpleasant. When our body reacts like this to anything, it is explicitly telling us not to do it anymore. But why is our body telling us not to drink alcohol?

Cancer Risk

It turns out that our bodies have been trying to tell us something that science is only beginning to understand now. That is, that the consumption of alcohol by people who suffer from alcohol flush can significantly increase their risk of developing certain cancers.

In 2009, the US Department of Health and Human Services cited a study which concluded that alcohol flush sufferers are between 6 to 10 times more likely to develop esophageal cancer as compared to normal drinkers who consume the same amount of alcohol. Moreover, the same study showed that alcohol flush sufferers who drink 33 or more standard drinks a week are 89 times more likely to develop esophageal cancer compared to non-drinkers.

In 2012, the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) released a paper which contained further references to these cancer risks. Citing a study released by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), they warned that there is sufficient epidemiological evidence that alcohol flush sufferers have a substantially increased risk of developing cancers in the esophagus and the upper aero-digestive tract.

Clearly, there is an overwhelming consensus amongst international regulatory bodies and scientists regarding the cancer risks associated with alcohol flush reaction. In order to know how to protect yourself, it is first necessary to understand why you are at risk.

The Culprit is Acetaldehyde

As we discussed in our article about alcohol flush reaction, the reason why we get a red face from drinking alcohol is because of a physiological reaction to a by-product that is produced when our body tries to metabolize alcohol. This by-product is called acetaldehyde, a substance with a chemical backbone very similar to formaldehyde.

In normal drinkers, acetaldehyde is quickly broken down into a harmless substance by an enzyme called ALDH2. However, due to a genetic deficiency in this enzyme, alcohol flush sufferers are unable to break down this toxic substance and our bodies react with the various symptoms to which we’ve become accustomed. This begs the question: what if the swollen red face, headaches, nausea and other symptoms are just the surface of the problem?

Recent studies by the IARC and other independent scientists have confirmed that acetaldehyde associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages is carcinogenic to humans. They go further in presenting evidence that acetaldehyde formed after alcohol consumption latches onto our DNA to form what they call a “DNA adduct”, which interferes with DNA activity in a way linked to an increased risk of cancer.

It is clear from the research that the dangers of acetaldehyde reach further than mere physiological discomfort and the social embarrassment caused by an unsightly red face. There is no doubt that the inability to safely break down acetaldehyde also significantly increases the risk of cancer for people who suffer from alcohol flush reaction. For this reason, it is extremely important not to simply mask the unpleasant physical symptoms and continue consuming alcohol under the impression that everything is OK.

Common Mistakes

With all the Asian flush related products now on the market, one might be tempted to mask their unpleasant symptoms and continue drinking alcohol whist ignoring the potential cancer risks they are exposing themselves to. This is like continuing to smoke cigarettes and masking your smoker’s cough with cough syrup. Its not smart and it will ultimately perpetuate a path that will lead to the risks of cancer becoming greater.

It is essential that your method of dealing with alcohol flush also have regard to eliminating the carcinogenic build up of acetaldehyde that has been linked to the increased risk of cancer.

How to Protect Yourself

The best way to protect yourself from the aforementioned risks is to completely stop drinking alcohol altogether. However, as mentioned above, if you choose to continue drinking, it is of utmost importance that you don’t simply mask the physical symptoms of your alcohol flushing and forget about the real danger.

Luckily there are some mineral supplements that are specifically designed to reduce the levels of alcohol related acetaldehyde in your body, making it much safer for you to drink alcohol. By reducing the acetaldehyde levels in your body you are essentially removing what the researchers have identified as the sole cause for the increased risk of cancer in alcohol flush sufferers.

If you would like to find out more about products specifically designed to reduce alcohol related acetaldehyde, please read our NoGlo Review.

Are You Going to Combust?

That’s what she said! No word of a lie. We were sitting across from each other at a popular restaurant in New York City. I had taken no more than a few sips of my glass of wine when the all too familiar tingling of my alcohol flush onset began to take my attention away from her beautiful gaze.

Dates can go always wrong.

A date can go wrong in so many ways. Unexpectedly bumping into an ex-lover who happens to be the best friend of your date, regurgitating the pastrami and rye sandwich you had for lunch because you drank too much the night before, or even despite your date’s model-like appearance you feel that you could have a more interesting conversation with an inanimate brick-wall.

With the plethora of scenarios that can, and have, gone wrong for us, you can imagine the disappointment after hearing “Are you about to spontaneously combust?”. “Oh, no.. really.. i’m fine, I have a problem where I turn red in the face when I drink alcohol”, is pretty much the standard response. You might as well be saying “Yes, I can’t drink alcohol without breaking out into this unsightly and embarrassing reaction. I understand that being seen in public with me is now slightly embarrassing for you, and I don’t blame you if you want to stand up and leave our date right now.”

Refrain from drinking?

As harsh as it sounds, this is the reality for a lot of people with this problem. It is no secret that people are superficial, especially when it comes to first impressions. It didn’t take me very long to realize that going red in the face was not the most successful dating strategy. So what should one do? Perhaps don’t drink any alcohol at all?

I tried this on a different date with a different girl, obviously the aforementioned date was not successful. She was sitting across from me and ordered a glass of the house Chardonnay. The waiter then looked at me and said “for you sir?” I looked at the non-alcoholic drinks section of the menu and in the most confident tone I could muster I ordered a soda water with a lemon. Now, I challenge anyone to order a soda water with a lemon after their date has ordered a glass of wine and not come off as being a big soft girly man. The waiter looked at me strangely and then with a restrained yet blatantly noticeable smirk, he replies “very well sir, a soda water and a lemon for you.”

Suddenly I’m a psycho.

This was just the beginning of the embarrassment. “Oh, you don’t drink?” she inquired. “Oh, no I get a bad reaction from alcohol so I try to avoid it” I responded in brief, trying my best to move on from the topic. “What kind of bad reaction?” she persisted, now with a look of concern in her eye. “Oh no, I don’t get aggressive and I’m not a recovering alcoholic or anything… I just go red in the face when I drink alcohol” I replied. She simply shrugged and then gave a rather unconvincing nod which said “whatever, I’m pretty sure you turn into a psycho when you drink alcohol so i’m not going to see you for a second date.” We made it to the end of the date and I never saw her again.

Girls don’t get it any easier.

My sister suffers from the same problem as me. She spends so much time presenting herself nicely and ensuring that her make-up is looking great before she leaves the house, and I’m sure she’s not alone. Our society encourages the superficial pursuit of beauty and, like it or not, people will judge you according to these arbitrary tastes. Good looking is more popular than ugly, that’s just the way it is.

It is always a struggle for my sister. She looks great until she has her first drink of alcohol. After that it is like all of her hard work goes out the window when her face and neck break out in a red flush.

Conscious again to not appear overly superficial, it is hard to refute the reality that someone with a red swollen face is likely to appear much less attractive to than someone with a normal complexion. If you’re someone who doesn’t care what other people think, then I applaud you. But if you’re like most of us the last thing you want if for your best efforts to be thwarted by an unsightly red rash on your face.

Alcohol is here to stay.

Again, avoiding alcohol altogether is an option, albeit a poor and unrealistic one. Our entire social fabric revolves around people coming together over a ceremonial drink of alcohol. Business gatherings, birthday celebrations, dates, dinner parties, cocktail parties, the list just goes on and on. It is the cornerstone of socializing in today’s society, so to avoid it would be to opt out a fundamental part of our social lives.

The smarter option would be to explore the various ways to drink alcohol without experiencing the flush response. This site has been specifically designed to aid you in that search, so please take your time and have a look around for what might work for you.

You can peruse the free guide available at www.asianredness.com, or alternatively browse through our product reviews section to see if you can find a product that is right for you.

NoGlo Review

With all the herbal Asian flush remedies bouncing around the internet at the moment it is more important than ever to be aware of what you are buying. The purpose of this review is to look at NoGlo’s new product and help you decide whether it is right for you.

Realistic Claims

The first thing that we noticed is that they don’t claim to cure your Asian flush. In fact, they emphatically state that their product is not a cure, instead that it helps to reduce the flushing response to more manageable levels. Not only that, they claim to reduce other symptoms of Asian flush such as nausea and dizziness while also assisting the health of the liver with a range of powerful anti-oxidants.

The most notable feature of NoGlo’s supplement is that it has been clinically proven to reduce acetaldehyde levels and in turn protect sufferers from some of the cancer risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Scientific Approach

It is this well rounded approach coupled with NoGlo’s emphasis on scientific testing that impresses us most about their product. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders who is a biochemistry graduate from UC Berkeley. He explained to us that their patent pending formula has been over one year in the making and has received consultation from many PhD biochemists and medical practitioners. Not only that, he went on to inform us that they will be commencing clinical testing shortly and expect to have publishable data ready by July of 2013.

Satisfied Customers

Their testimonials page is full of satisfied customers speaking of their positive experiences with the product. Here is a short clip from one of the many testimonial videos:


Overall we are very happy with the product being offered here and have very little bad to say about it. The pills are to be taken once per day, and whilst this may be a hassle for some, it is really no different from taking your morning vitamins. Furthermore, it is foreseeable that you may not notice the results immediately. Unlike some of the Asian flush prevention methods available, NoGlo requires you to to take their pill every day on an ongoing basis and specify that the anti-flushing effects may take some time to reach full potential.


AF Formula is an alternative to NoGlo if you would like to reduce facial redness from alcohol.

AF Reducer Review

As mentioned in a previous review, there are more and more alcohol flush prevention products coming on to the market each month. Clearly there’s a dollar in it and it seems that anyone with the ability to put together a herbal supplement has come to market with something to grab their share of the pie. The funny thing is, every supplement has a different set of ingredients! Passionflower, Milk Thistle, Valerian, Calcium, Lemon, this, that. Do they really expect us to believe that these are the cures for alcohol flush? Well, the makers of AF Reducer do.

As stated, the purpose of this site is to provide our readers with unbiased feedback on the current remedies that exist for Alcohol Flush. The purpose of this review is to provide you with the facts about AF Reducer, and let you decide for yourself if this is a product that you see fitting for your flush.

See it in Action

Here is a short time lapse video of AF Reducer in action:

find out more

Risk Free Trial

We thought it first important to mention that AF Reducer was the only company on the market that was offering a risk free trial offer. Their newly introduced sample pack allows you to try their product for FREE, and then decide if a full bottle purchase is right for you.

Founded by actual Alcohol Flush sufferers

As described on the homepage of the AF Reducer site, the founders set out to find a solution would reducer their embarrassing flushing problems. The founder is an actual user of the product, so with these claims we have to believe that their product has some reducing agents. Coupled with the fact that if you are unsatisfied with their product in any way, they will refund you 100% (even covering shipping costs). You don’t even have to mail them the bottle back!

Helpful Insights

AF Reducer doesn’t make unrealistic claims to completely eliminate your alcohol flush. They understand that the condition varies for every individual, and they only claim that they can help to reduce your Asian Flush. They also have a How it Works section page on their site that provides useful tips to reduce the flush. Provided are sections such as food items that slow down the flush, and items to avoid that increase flushing.

Ingredients Explained

  • Folic Acid
    • The man made form of folate, a complex B-vitamin that is vital to red blood cell health within the body.
  • Sodium (Bicarbonate)
    • Common ingredient used to relieve heart burn and help aid acid indigestion.
  • Calcium (Carbonate)
    • Compliments sodium in reducing acidity levels.
  • Magnesium (Bicarbonate)
    • Helps maintain healthy PH levels within the body.
  • Potassium (Bicarbonate)
    • In combination with other minerals in the body, potassium forms alkaline salts that are important in body processes and plays an essential role in maintenance of the acid-base and water balance in the body.
  • Lemon Extract
    • Promotes liver function.
    • Also aids in stress reduction and replenishes dry skin.
  • Asparagus Extract
    • Supports liver health and has been effective in lessening the effects of hangovers.
    • Good source of dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin c/e/b6.
    • Helps promote healthy skin (used in acne treatments).
    • Reduces swelling.
  • Sea Salt
    • Has a neutralizing effect on acids in the body.
    • Soothe and heal inflamed skin.
    • Contains 92 trace minerals, 24 of which have been scientifically proven to be essential in maintenance of optimal health.
  • L-Methionine
    • Amino acid used to prevent liver damage.
    • Helps break down products that damage the liver.
  • L-Glutamine
    • Most abundant amino acid in the body.
    • Used to protect the immune system and digestive tract.
  • L-Glycine
    • Used to treat inherited metabolic disorders.
    • Protects the liver and kidneys from the harmful effects of alcohol.


The creator of AF Reducer was kind enough to send us a free sample of their product, which was a show of confidence, offered by none of its competitors.

We tested the product according to the clearly marked instructions and are delighted to say that it worked very well. Furthermore, some products that we’ve tried have caused negative side effects like drowsiness and even nausea when taken in conjunction with alcohol. However, we are happy to report that we did not experience any adverse side effects when taking this product.

Their product is also the only available solution on the market that doesn’t need to be taken on a daily basis. It is taken before you drink, or even after the flushing begins. A solution that allows you to treat the problem as it happens… We strongly recommend this product, click here to visit the AF Reducer Page.

Satisfied Customers

Their testimonials page is full of satisfied customers sharing their success stories.

They were even kind enough to provide us with a video testimonial from a satisfied customer in Bejiing.

We encourage you to take a look at the rest of the success stories yourself: View real AF Reducer testimonials.


Mascord, Smith, Starmer, Whitfield [1991] “The effect of fructose on alcohol metabolism and on the [lactate]/[pyruvate] ratio in man.” 26(1):53-9.

AF Formula Review

Today we are going to have a close look at a product called AF Formula that claims to cure Asian flush. Our goal is to provide an independent review of the product’s effectiveness so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is the right product for you.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The AF Formula is produced by Goldwin Health and claims to be the “only proven cure for Asian flush”. We visited the Goldwin Health website and discovered that the AF Formula is in fact the only product produced by Goldwin Health. In fact, given the distinct lack of information on the website, one can’t help but to suspect that Goldwin Health was in fact produced by the AF Formula. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, maybe the egg! But we were wrong.

In a conversation with the owner of Goldwin Health stated that “we spent a lot of time researching and testing the product before we made it available. Only after getting consistent, positive feedback from our test participants did we decide to produce AF Formula.” After this discussion we are more than satisfied with the integrity of this company and their trustworthiness as a health researcher.

What are the ingredients?

The AF Formula is packed full of herbs that have a calming effect. Passionflower and Valerian Root in particular are commonly used to reduce anxiety and calm the nerves. The calming ingredients are not the main ingredient to prevent the blushing, however it seems that AF Formula appreciate that for many people who suffer from Asian Flush, there is some anxiety associated with drinking alcohol in public. This is the reason why they have included these ingredients.

We had a discussion with the founders of Goldwin Health and they assured us that, whilst the ingredients are similar to some other flushing treatments on the internet, they are applied in differing proportions and quantities and make their product much stronger and much more capable of dealing with even the most severe reddening of the face.

One of the co-founders went on to tell us “…we began with this product because my partner and many of her friends suffer from Asian Flush. Many of them have been using the product and are happy with the results.

Customer Testimonials

The AF Formula website contains numerous testimonials of other happy customers.

Please take a moment to view the video testimonial below.

The Verdict

We were impressed with the professionalism of the Goldwin Health team and similarly impressed with their product. If you would like to learn more about AF Formula and take advantage of some of their special offers you can navigate to the link below.

AF Formula


We suggest joining our Inner Circle where you will receive a free guide about preventing Asian flush.

Alcotox Review

The majority of supplements we review are aimed at reducing the unwanted physical symptoms of alcohol flushing. Whilst it is understandably important for people to avoid the social embarrassment associated with their disorder, it is also imperative that we not neglect the more serious dangers. This is why we are reviewing Alcotox and its claims of addressing more than just the superficial encumbrances of alcohol flushing.

As outlined in our article about the link between Asian flush and certain cancer risks, it is absolutely necessary that alcohol flush sufferers be aware of the dangers of alcohol related acetaldehyde and take the appropriate measures to protect themselves from this highly carcinogenic substance. Alcotox claims to reduce the acetaldehyde that is left behind by our defective ALDH2 enzyme.

Please take a moment to watch their short promotional video:

find out more

Is this just another hangover pill?

Alcotox is a vitamin and amino acid supplement specifically designed to target, scavenge and neutralize alcohol related acetaldehyde in our bodies. By eliminating the acetaldehyde, Alcotox aims to prevent various long term dangers such as a heightened cancer risk and liver damage, whilst also reducing the severity of bad hangovers.

Unlike a lot of the hangover pills on the market, Alcotox doesn’t merely aim to make you feel better the day after your drinking. The direct result of reducing acetaldehyde will incidentally reduce the severity of your hangovers and make you feel better, but this should be seen as ancillary to its primary function of reducing the levels of alcohol related carcinogens in our body in order to lower the associated risks of cancer and liver disease to which alcohol flush sufferers are particularly prone.

How effective is it?

Unlike a lot of once-a-day supplements, the dosage instructions for Alcotox advise taking one capsule for every 1 to 2 standard drinks consumed. This is because, the more acetaldehyde you put into your body, the more counter balancing ingredients that are required to keep this nasty alcohol related carcinogen at safer levels.

After following the instructions we not only experienced far fewer negative symptoms while drinking alcohol but also noticed that we had little or no hangover the next day. That said, we have no idea whether Alcotox was effective at lowering the level of acetaldehyde in our bodies and in turn reducing our risk of longer term problems like esophageal cancer or liver damage.

Laboratory Testing

Luckily Alcotox commissioned Select Pharma Laboratories to conduct in vitro laboratory testing of the acetaldehyde reducing qualities of their product. The results of these trials were sent to us by Alcotox and we can personally confirm its findings that as little as one capsule was able to reduce more than 80% of the acetaldehyde found in common alcoholic beverages.

Endorsed by Medical Practitioners

In addition to these findings, we were also provided with numerous written testimonials from medical doctors attesting to the efficacy of Alcotox’s acetaldehyde fighting abilities along with the accompanying long term benefits.

In particular, head of PGR Radiology at Mayo Hospital, Dr. Ambreen Irfan, speaks of Alcotox as a revolutionary step forward in the fight against alcohol induced complications. He goes on to talk about routine supplementation of Alcotox being a potential savior for people, especially those with a predisposition to acetaldehyde build up (i.e. sufferers of alcohol flush).


We not only have full confidence in this product, but also believe it is imperative that people with Asian flush supplement their drinking with Alcotox in order to counteract the carcinogenic effects of their predisposition to acetaldehyde build up. This will not only provide a more comfortable drinking experience, but more importantly, it will reduce the risks of alcohol related cancers and liver damage to which their disorder leaves them particularly prone.

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