A simple Asian flush cure that works

Enjoy flush-free drinking with the No Red Face Formula™ 6-Step Asian Flush Treatment System and live the full, fun and exciting social life you deserve.

  • Completely eliminate your red face from alcohol and look more attractive when drinking.
  • Assist your deficient ALDH2 enzymes and prevent Asian flush.
  • Stop other symptoms like headaches, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, nausea and make drinking more pleasurable.
  • Help the body break down acetaldehyde and reduce risks associated with acetaldehyde toxicity.
  • No questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

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Experts in Asian glow prevention

When BBC needs to know about the Asian glow, they come to us. Our expertise in the field has been sought after by the likes of BBC Asian Network to provide guidance on upcoming news programs about this little known flushing syndrome. With numerous decades of research and testing behind us, we are delighted to finally offer an amazing cure to red faced drinkers around the world.

seen on BBC news
girl with clear skin and asian flushing cured

Simple and effective cure

Whether you're Asian or not, the No Red Face Formula will stop your alcohol flushing each and every time without fail - this is our promise to you.

  • Enjoy alcohol without embarrassement
  • Look more attractive when drinking
  • Feel more included at parties
  • Live an unrestricted social life

How it works

Our 6-step treatment system tackles the root cause of Asian flush syndrome - i.e. ALDH2 enzyme deficiency.

By assisting your body's ALDH2 enzyme function, it efficiently reduces the harmful by-products of alcohol metabolism that trigger your flushing.

  • Completely eliminate your alcohol flushing
  • Prevent other symptoms of ALDH2 deficiency
  • Reduce harmful acetaldehyde build-up
  • Make drinking alcohol more pleasurable

Don't accept second best

Here's 10 reasons why...

  • Not a pill or liquid shot

    The No Red Face Formula is not an expensive pill you need to keep buying on an ongoing basis.  It is a tried and tested treatment program, once purchased you will own it forever.

  • Look more attractive when drinking

    It’s not easy wearing a red face with confidence. Our 6-step treatment will eliminate your red face and increase your self confidence for parties, dates and business lunches. It did for us, and it will for you.

  • Increase alcohol tolerance

    The No Red Face Formula advocates responsible drinking.  But sometimes nights are long and people like to keep drinking.  Being able to drink more means you can stay in the vibe of the night and not be excluded.

  • Breath easier while drinking

    Another common symptom is an increased heat rate, which can sometimes make it hard to breath normally. This is why preventing Asian flush will enable you to enjoy a much calmer drinking experience.

  • Safe purchase

    There is no risk in trying the No Red Face Formula.  All purchases are backed by a no questions asked refund policy that is completely automated by a third party payment processor.

  • Quick and easy formula

    The No Red Face Formula requires no more than 5 minutes of your time before you start drinking alcohol – once you have started you can continue for the entire night without experiencing a red face from alcohol.

  • Reduce Asian flush cancer risks

    People who flush from alcohol are in a high risk category for the carcinogenic effects of acetaldehyde build-up.  Our 6-step treatment significantly reduces acetaldehyde and mitigates this risk.

  • Enjoy alcohol without headaches

    One thing that happens when you flush is your blood vessels widen.  This causes an increase in blood flow and can lead to headaches.  By stopping Asian flush you also stop these annoying headaches.

  • Prevent Asian flush related nausea

    People with ALDH2 deficiency can’t break down acetaldehyde properly. This builds up and causes annoying symptoms, like nausea. Our treatment reduces acetaldehyde build-up and stops the nausea.

  • World class support

    Our team are here to answer any questions you may have, including inside knowledge about particular types of alcohol to avoid, eating habits and everything and anything to do with alcohol related facial redness.

Don't take our word for it

We asked our customers to send photos...

"Here's me after my first time using your treatment.  I'd had 4 beers and 1 shot of tequila before this photo was taken.  At the time I didn't believe my friends when they said I wasn't red in the face, but I guess the picture speaks for itself!  I'd like to thank you sincerely for creating a great product and I hope others benefit from it as much as I have."

Thomas Chang - New York

"As you requested, here's a photo of me after I don't know how many drinks! I remember being quite drunk and kept running to the bathroom all night to check to see if my face was red - and it wasn't.  I'm very grateful and, yes, you are welcome to include my comments on your site.  Thank you very much for all your help."

Sarah Lee - Boston

"I usually get a bright red face after half a beer, if that.  Here I am at a foam party after 5 beers without a sign of my redness.  I actually bought your No Red Face Formula the same day as the party in a kind of panic and didn't really expect it to work.  When it did I remember feeling like i'd won the lottery 🙂 haha.  Seriously though, thank you."

Anna Kopp - Vancouver

"There are seriously so many BS Asian flush cures out there it's ridiculous.  I wasn't really excited about your one either.. my friend bought it for me and told me to try it.  So here I am, after 7 vodka sodas.  Yes, I can't believe it, but it happened.  So, thank you for not selling me BS, and yes you may include my statement on your site.  Peace."

Jana Nikolic - Detroit

Results can vary.  This is why we want you to try the treatment risk free.

Try with peace of mind...

We want our formula to help as many people as possible. This is why we've taken the risk out of trying it.

You can now try it for 60 days and claim a no questions asked refund if you're not satisfied.

We're happy to do this because we know it works.

What are you waiting for?

If you were given a risk free chance to drink alcohol like everyone else, would you take it? Because, in essence, this is what you are being presented with right now.

It is, in fact, a no lose situation.  So, don't wait for tomorrow when you can do something about your red face today.  Try our formula risk free right now and begin living the free, fun and exciting social life you deserve.

Take Action Today and Receive:

  • No Red Face Formula™ 6-Step Asian Flush Treatment System

    The world’s most popular step-by-step treatment program that completely eliminates a red face from alcohol.

  • 24/7 World Class Customer Support

    Whatever time of day or night, your questions and queries relating to the No Red Face Formula will be handled by the best in the business.

  • No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

    Take advantage of our automated refund policy and try the formula now for 60 days completely risk free.

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* Statements contained herein should not be construed as medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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