Asian Flush Related Conditions

There are conditions related to Asian flush with similar symptoms that arise from completely different underlying causes. Alcohol allergy and alcohol related rosacea are two of the most commonly confused conditions and it is vital for people to be aware of the differences and risks associated with both.

Alcohol Allergy

There is a widely held misconception that an allergy to alcohol and Asian flush are one and the same condition, often lumped together under the catch all phrase of “alcohol intolerance“. The grouping of these two conditions is not only incorrect but also gives rise to the risk of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment with potentially dire consequences.

An allergy to alcohol refers to an allergic reaction to either alcohol itself or one of the ingredients used in the production of an alcohol beverage. This reaction can manifest as sinus congestion, rashes, itching, and in more extreme situations even unconsciousness or death.

Therefore, if someone is misdiagnosed as having Asian flush, the various treatments undertaken may result in them drinking more alcohol and in turn ingesting more of an allergen than they would have otherwise. This could result in a more intense reaction with possible fatal outcomes.

It is always advisable to seek the opinion of a local medical practitioner, however diagnosis can be difficult if the patient hasn’t consumed alcohol before the appointment. This is made harder by the fact that a lot of the symptoms are sufficiently similar to cause oversight and misdiagnosis by trained professionals.