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Can you imagine an Asian fashion model or movie star start blushing red after a few sips of champaign? Of course not.  The people in this business pride themselves on their physical appearance and spend huge amounts of time and money ensuring they are looking their best at all times – it’s their job after all.

So, with approximately 50% of Asian people suffering from the dreaded Asian glow, one might wonder how these fashion celebrities manage to keep their red blushing under control.


The Truth About How to Stop Asian Glow

The truth is, this problem can be easily prevented if you know what to do before drinking alcohol. It is important for you to understand that the blush is the result of a genetic enzyme deficiency that disrupts the normal metabolism of alcohol.

This disruption occurs as a result of our body’s failure to break down a toxic by-product of the alcohol metabolism process and thus subjects ourselves to various toxic reactions such as the red blush we all experience after drinking alcohol.

If you would like to know more about why this reaction happens you might be interested in reading our article about Asian flush.


Asian Glow Cures in the Fashion Industry

The reality is that around 50% of Asian people suffer from this genetic enzyme deficiency.  This means that 50% of the Asian models and celebrities also suffer from this disorder, yet seem to be able to hide it very well.

We are aware of many Asian models using our breakthrough treatment program to eliminate the symptoms of their disorder.  Whilst we do not for one second claim that all of the models and celebrities are using our exact formula, it is clear that they are all using something very similar.


Our Guarantee

Many people ask us why our satisfaction guarantee is so generous. The answer is simple – We have been using this guarantee since we started offering our product to the public and we rarely see anyone claiming the refund.

Why? Because it works exactly as it claims. Our product will allow you to drink alcohol without experiencing your Asian glow and other annoying symptoms such as headaches, itchiness, nausea, etc.

Remember, you can try it for 30 days without any risk. If you are not happy with the results of our formula you can claim a full no questions asked automated refund of your purchase price.

If you would like to find out how to drink alcohol without experiencing any annoying symptoms, we strongly suggest that you read more about our No Red Face Formula.







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