Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Bottle

Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Review – Is The Hype Real?

All we hear about now is people raving on about how amazing Sunset is for their alcohol flushing, but we’re always hesitant when it comes to Asian flush supplements and their empty promises.   This is why we’re going to sit down right now and do a proper review of Sunset Alcohol Flush Support to…

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SRQ Labs Launches New Asian Flushing Cure Called Sunset

It’s been a while since something has caused so much buzz in the Asian flushing community. With an impressive IndieGoGo crowd funding launch raising over 300% of their target, the guys at SRQ Labs are now busy spreading the word about their new Asian flush cure called Sunset. How is Sunset different? The key difference between Sunset…

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Asian girl with red face from alcohol

Why Do I Get a Red Face When I Drink Alcohol?

Many people experience a red facial flushing whenever they drink alcohol.  This is actually quite common and occurs in varying severity across many different races around the world.  The official name given to this disorder is alcohol flush reaction, however due to its prevalence amongst Asian drinkers, it has received the more colloquial name Asian…

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Couple with red face from alcohol

3 Ways to Drink Alcohol Without a Red Face

The red face alcohol problem is a common condition affecting nearly 40% of Asians and a large number of non-Asians worldwide.  Understandably, many people dislike having to endure a red flushed complexion when out drinking in public, yet don’t seem to realize that there are many things they can do to drink alcohol without a red…

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Asian girl with magnifying glass inspecting products

Overview of Asian Flush Cures

It wasn’t long ago that there were simply no Asian flush products available.  These days, a simple search on Google will yield a plethora of results ranging from home remedies to over the counter herbal supplements. In the interests of helping our fellow flushers, we have decided to write a little bit about the various…

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Shy girl with Asian flush

Is Asian Flush Unattractive?

In the words of early millennia pop sensation Pharrell Williams, “We’re up all night to the sun, we’re up all night to get some, we’re up all night for good fun, we’re up all night to get lucky”. Correct me if i’m wrong, but he’s hit the nail on the head. Its no secret that…

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Worried looking Asian woman

Asian Flush Cancer Risk

There has been a recent surge of articles in the media about sufferers of alcohol flush reaction being at an alarmingly high risk of certain alcohol related cancers. With nearly everything falling into the category of a ‘cancer risk’ these days, we thought it would be useful to examine all the of the research on…

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Shoes on fire after man explodes

Are You Going to Combust?

That’s what she said! No word of a lie. We were sitting across from each other at a popular restaurant in New York City. I had taken no more than a few sips of my glass of wine when the all too familiar tingling of my alcohol flush onset began to take my attention away…

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Product image for NoGlo

NoGlo Review

After round after round of testing, we’ve finally put together our findings and published our long awaited NoGlo review.  With all the herbal Asian flush cures bouncing around the internet at the moment it is more important than ever to be aware of what you are buying. The purpose of this review is to look…

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Product image for AF Reducer

AF Reducer Review

Today we’re going to review AF Reducer‘s cure for Asian flush.  As mentioned in a previous review, there are more and more alcohol flush cures coming on to the market each month. Clearly there’s a dollar in it and it seems that anyone with the ability to put together a herbal supplement has come to…

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