Our Affiliate Program

The No Red Face Formula Affiliate Program is fast becoming one of the most successful Asia targeted affiliate opportunities out there.  We have a very loyal team of affiliates who are using their Asian targeted web sites to generate sustainable sales commissions on a weekly basis.

Here is why:

  • Our product cures a problem suffered by more than 50% of Asian people.
  • The product is $37.
  • We pay 55% commission per sale.
  • Our sales site conversions are almost 8%.
  • All sales commission tracking and pay outs are automated by third party Avangate.

Why is our affiliate program so successful?

The success or failure of any traffic referral arrangement relies solely on what kind of traffic is being referred and where it is being sent to.  If you have a site that attract a certain demographic (i.e. Asian people), it makes commercial sense to direct them to a product that is specifically tailored to that demographic.

The overwhelming success of our affiliate team has been due to their ability in making the most of their traffic.  They own or operate sites that attract a large number of Asian users and they take advantage of this by directing this traffic to a product that solves a problem experienced by over 50% of Asian people.  By doing so they increase the likelihood that any given referral will be interested in the product and more likely to buy it and generate the referrer 55% of the sale.

Why is our product so relevant?

Studies have shown that around 50% of Asian people go red in the face when they drink alcohol. Our breakthrough product solves this problem and is fully protected by intellectual property laws. Therefore, common commercial sense would dictate that if your web site attracts Asian traffic then you are in a very good position to reap the benefits of our high payout rate of 55% of each $37 sale.

Becoming an affiliate is fast and easy.

If you would like to promote our product via your website, blog or email lists, all you need is a few minutes to follow the steps below before you can begin referring sales and collecting your commission.

STEP 1: Register with Avangate

If you would like to become an affiliate please take a few minutes to register an affiliate account with Avangate. Avangate use a very sophisticated sales tracking system to ensure that you receive your commissions the second a customer enters their credit card details.

A sign-up form will appear in another window.  Simply fill out this form and then return to this page to move on to Step 2.

STEP 2: Use your custom link to refer traffic

Once you’ve completed the process you will be given a custom link that you can place on your website or in the text of emails.  This custom link will inform clickbank to credit you with the commission from sales that are made from the visitors you direct to us.

Boost your promotional efforts with our high converting banners and videos.

You can find our promotional videos in our Youtube channel.  Simply use the Youtube embed code to insert the videos into your site.

We have included a selection of our highest converting banners below:

asian affiliate banner 320x50asian affiliate banner 728x90

asian affiliate banner facebook sizered face banner 480x320red face banner 320x480asian affiliate banner 300x250

Our affiliate support network.

Our affiliate support team is on standby to assist you and work with you to generate more traffic and more sales.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us about banners, pre-written email promotions and anything else you might require assistance with.