Preparatory Procedures

This is a short Q&A about the preparatory procedures outlined in step 4 of the formula.  In particular, we answer some of the most common questions about the “preparatory amount” and “preparatory time” elements of this vital step.


Preparatory Amount

Q: What is the preparatory amount?

A: The preparatory amount is one of essential pieces of data that needs to be noted from your once-off preliminary experiment. This is outlined immediately prior to Step 1 of the formula.


Q: How much is my preparatory amount?

A: This is something that is specific to the individual. This is why we outline the need for a once-off experiment prior to the commencement of Step 1 to ascertain your preparatory amount and preparatory time.


Q: Do I need to do all the steps of the formula before drinking the preparatory amount?

A: Yes, normally. But remember that you do not use any preparation when doing the initial once-off experiment to ascertain the preparatory amount and preparatory time.


Q: Is the preparatory amount really neccessary for the formula to work properly?

A: Yes. Just like each and every step in our guide, the preparatory amount is integral to drinking red face free. Without it, the whole process will not work properly.


Preparatory Time

Q: What does the preparatory time refer to?

A: This is the preparatory time period ascertained as a result of undertaking the essential once-off experiment outlined prior to Step 1.


Q: How long should the preparatory time be?

A: Again, like the preparatory amount, the preparatory time will be specific to the individual. You will know your preparatory time by undertaking the above-mentioned experiment that is explained prior to Step 1.


Q: Do I need to do the experiment every time a want to drink alcohol?

A: No. The experiment outlined prior to Step 1 is a once-off exercise. This means that once you have ascertained your preparatory time and amount you just need to make a note and then use this information when undertaking Step 4.


Q: Is the preparatory time needed for the formula to work correctly?

A: Yes. If you do not know your preparatory time you will not be able to undertake Step 4 properly and in turn the process will not work to its full potential.


Many customers have expressed the need for further information regarding how to calculate their preparatory time. If you would like to receive personal assistance in this regard, please contact our support team.